EFM Health Club Caulfield member Roger Kearns reaches 1000 EFM workouts!

Congratulations to Roger Kearns who recently celebrated his 1000th EFM Health Clubs training session at EFM Health Clubs Caulfield!

Roger joined EFM in March 2004, not long after EFM Health Clubs Caulfield opened.

His goals were “to keep up fitness for golf and increase overall strength”. With regular cycling and a black belt in karate, Roger already had a great fitness base to build on – and build on he has.

It was eventually clear to us all that Roger had a bit of a competitive streak when he partnered up with another lunchtime regular, Suhanya, and took out the first “Training Buddy” Challenge at EFM Health Club in the Summer of 04……….with a Team name ‘The Battlers’ who would have guessed?!

Roger has been a popular (and effective) team member ever since, often coming into the Fitness Club 2 or even 3 times a day if there were team points at stake.

Well done Roger for your perseverance and consistency. You have worked hard on your health and fitness, and deserve all the benefits of your efforts. The lunchtime sessions @ EFM Health Clubs Caulfield would not be the same without your regular presence.

– Coach Simone

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Roger Kearns (front middle in brown) celebrates 1000 EFM Health Clubs workouts with his EFM training buddies!

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